OUR Mission

Accelerate the growth and scaling of startup through enterprise businesses utilizing RTP's customer-centric approach to deliver high-quality design, manufacturing, and industrial automation services.


TEAMWORK - Individually our team members bring cross-industry experience and skill-sets, but our success is driven by our collaborative effort to drive external and internal stakeholder buy-in.

AGILITY - RTP leverages agile processes in our customer facing activities due to the realistic nature of managing our client's expectations, iteratively delivering value, and long-term benefits toward accelerating development outcomes.

QUALITY - Our goal is to deliver products and services that drives results for our clients, RTP achieves this through our customer orientated approach; where we listen and weight decision-making around clients needs.

THINKING LIKE AN OWNER - Across industries, our clients face the daily challenge of delivering high quality, on-time, and complete jobs, understanding this RTP takes on our client's toughest contract manufacturing work like it's our own.


RTP was founded in 2005 by Craig Nelson, instilling the core values of meticulous attention to detail and nimble facility resources to meet our clients' most challenging industrial automation projects.

Fast forward to 2022, RTP is multi-generational business managed by Stephen Nelson. Since 2021, Stephen has been focusing on scaling operations and manufacturing capabilities while delivering quality and timely services to meet the growing manufacturing demand in the US.