Fire Extinguisher Leak Tester

Fire extinguisher shells coming from the welding station are robotically handled into one of eight test stations where they are pressurized with helium under vacuum and a mass spectrometer is then used to determine leak rate, shells that pass are conveyed to the next station on the line.

Portable solar generator

This Consumer Product was designed in Solidworks and utilized 3D printing to construct the prototype.  This project was featured in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Injection molded hair comb & pin insert system
Assembly Automation

Formerly, molded combs and lifts were manually loaded into fixtures, pins manually loaded, and cycle start buttons actuated to press the pins to depth.  This machine automates these processes.

large format battery electrolyte filling line
3D Rendering

RTP has a long history of developing automated battery manufacturing systems for a variety of different battery technologies, and are experts in fluid processing systems.

Hair brush bristle dip & Uv cure mFG. line
Process Automation

Hair brush assemblies with bristles are dipped into a colored solution, then brought through a UV curing tunnel to coat the bristle tips for a smooth finish.

kidney dialysis filter bundle end drier line
Assembly Automation

The Dialysis filters are mounted on a turntable with a 50 horsepower vacuum blower pulling hot air through the bundle to dry them.  After drying, end caps are ultrasonically welded and a final pressure decay leak check is performed as an inspection.

high speed feeding & inspection system for lancets
QC Inspection

Lancets must be inspected for the presence of Cannula.  Absence of Cannula will be automatically rejected.  Throughput 200 ppm.